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Olive Tree brings a new perspective to the hospitality sector with a full suite of capabilities built on strategic investments, conscious configuration and construction, and an expertly considered operational model. Our passion lies in alleviating risk through informed and experience-based value creation for our partners, stakeholders and end-consumers.

Our Competitive Advantage
what we stand for


With ownership and operational experience in 30+ assets in 3+ years of hands-on expertise, supported by long-standing relationships and an impeccable track record in commercial real-estate, Olive Tree has cultivated a reputation for reliability and a sense of community amongst their extensive network.

What we stand for

Value Creation

Olive Tree’s highly disciplined approach focuses on uncovering undervalued and under-managed investments and transforming their potential to maximize risk-adjusted returns for its stakeholders, partners and investors.

what we stand for


Data-driven analysis is the foundation and cornerstone of the Olive Tree offering. There is strength and stability in numbers that makes our hotels a competitive and worthwhile investment.


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Awesome team members to work with, family oriented, cares about the employees, holiday pay, company functions, open to new ideas from employees

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You have a chance to demonstrate the skills and abilities you have as a person & professional. You become a part of something that is truly spectacular because you matter in our company.

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The things our executive leadership team does to make sure our company is world class are cutting-edge and noteworthy. Most of all, I appreciate their sincere mindfulness of us as employees for their company. They really do care.

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